Happy Holidays:

Merry Christmas everybody! We hope that you folks are all in good health and that the spirit of Christmas is with you this season.

As Lori & I sit here, trying to put this Christmas letter together, we are finding that this letter, this year, is by far the hardest one that we've had to write in 23 years. Most of you folks have known that we have had Lac Des Mille Lodge for sale for the past 5 years and this year, we have found a serious buyer.

We have had many people showing interest and some have given us offers to purchase the resort but they weren't up to my standards as you folks know that I set the bar high! Some, I've had to tell to go F*%# themselves! However, this young couple, Rob & Rylie Laforge, along with their 3 children, reminded Lori & I so much of ourselves 23 years ago, that we decided that they were the family to sell the resort to. The sale is as follows: they are purchasing LDML, while we will still own Blind Bay Campgrounds which they will be leasing from us and also managing. We will be helping them next year to make the transition of ownership smooth and easy as we, as well as Rob & Rylie, do not want anything to change. (Other than Lori & I sitting on the other side of the bar enjoying your company along with a beer.) We will be taking campsites, New and O for ourselves for our motor home as some of you saw the work in progress this past summer. We have often said to many of you folks in the past, we aren't going anywhere. We want to continue enjoying everything about Lac Des Mille Lodge along with our good friends, who have become part of our family over these last 23 years and I think Lori & I deserve to relax, sit back with a cold beer or a glass of wine, on our deck and not have to feel rushed to begin our day or get back to work.

Our family would like to personally thank all of you for supporting us over all of these years and as mentioned in one of our letters year's back, for making our place your vacation destination. Some of you folks have gone over and above being customers. You have put in the time to help us when needed and would be willing to do anything for us and for that, we want to personally thank and mention the following: Jim & Ruth Banse, Bierman Families, Theron & Dorothy Ditzler, Tony & Yvonne, Tom & Ginny, Arlo & Carla Morey and Morey Families, Fred Boulay, Pa (Sarle) & the gang. Dan Fountain & the Peak gang, the Fleming group, the Hirsch Family, Clyde Rogers, the Hindman group, Thomas group, Vincent Family, Kindvall & Seitz group, Gierke Family, Markham Gang, Lacny Family, Luchterhand Family, DeYoung Family, the Marx group, Denny & Diane Kron & Family, Roger & Diane Noe, Peter Schmidt gang, Dale Moe's gang, Dilling & Spiess group along with all the Scouts, Nella group, Wasserburger gang, Oldenburg, Von Essen, Werner & Zondlo Families. There are so many of you that we have to thank in this letter. Just know that ALL of our customers have a special spot in our hearts and ALL of you have helped to make our ownership of Lac Des Mille Lodge as successful, memorable and happy place for everyone.

Now, on to this season and the rest of our family. This was the year for almost everything to go wrong. Right from the start, we pulled in on the 1st of May to drop off supplies and found that some of the docks were messed up and several slips were missing due to the ice shifting. It was then that I realized, I should have been born an octopus as I needed several more hands. Thank goodness for our oldest son Steven's helping hands. He was a BIG help with the MANY breakdowns and repairs. He accepted another teaching job in Korea which started in October and was more than happy to "get the hell out of dodge" as they say. Adam & his now, fiancé Tina, are still doing well in Sioux Lookout and Ryan, Alyssa & grandsons Hunter & Oakland have recently moved into their new home here in Thunder Bay.

This spring continued to be wet & rainy right into July. It was in late July that we finally got our whopping 3 weeks of summer. Still, fishing was very good! A lot of walleyes caught and released in that 18" - 26" range along with all the eaters you wanted. The biggest walleye this year was 29". Our bass population is on the rise and many folks went home with their limit. The biggest caught was 22.5". Northern were plentiful as always and many measured in at 41" plus.

Grouse hunting was tough this fall due to the wet season but our bear hunt, on the other hand was a good one. The biggest bear weighed in at 350 pounds. Our moose hunt is not what it used to be as we are very limited to our tags. However, our hunters were successful on opening day.

In closing, Rob, Rylie and their family, as well as Lori & I, will be at the lodge next year to greet you all when you arrive. Lori & I hope that you will give them the same chance, just as you gave us 23 years ago. They have big shoes to fill but we are very confident that they will be just as successful in doing the best to continue to make your stay enjoyable. All of you know me and my personality and I will be making sure that they fill those shoes or he'll have one of my size 11's in his ass. Just a note for all of you: Lori & I will still be looking after your deposits and confirmations for your 2018 reservations and as usual, those deposits need to be in by Jan. 30th. We are looking forward to enjoying some fishing, drinking and visiting with all of our friends by the bonfire or any time. Our door is always open and our beer is always cold. So, from the Posthumus Family, we wish you the Merriest, Happiest and most Blssed Christmas along with Good Health in 2018. We'll see you all Next Year!

Steve, Lori, Steven, Adam, Tina, Ryan, Alyssa, Hunter & Oakland